How to choose the right painting for the interior?

How to choose the right painting for the interior?

Decor gives a room completeness, adorns it, the owner enjoys the harmoniously matched elements and the overall environment. Painting with a frame or without it is the first thing that comes to mind when you want to decorate a room, to complete it. Today we are going to determine which pictures you should hang in your rooms to create harmony and complete the design.

How to choose the right painting?

The image on the canvas should depend on the overall interior:

  1. For rooms in a modern style, paintings by modern artists of abstract motifs, impressionism or an image of a cityscape will be suitable.
  2. For a classic interior there is nothing better than reproductions of paintings by famous artists, as well as tranquil landscapes or noble portraits.
  3. Posters, photos, paintings by modernist artists, abstractionist paintings are suitable for the high-tech or modern style.
  4. For the interior in the Provence style, landscapes are optimal - the image of fields, small villages, the sea coast, etc. 
  5. Loft likes black and white paintings or photographs, posters with quotes, paintings of social realism, etc. 

It is proven that the color scheme affects the human nervous system. That's why a coloristic picture should not only harmonize with other shades in the interior, but also create the right mood in the room.

Feng shui in the interior of rooms

In spite of the fact that the scientific community considers feng shui to be a pseudoscience, let's try to understand what feng shui practitioners advise about the symbolic placement of paintings and images on them. After all, there are currents of energy. If you correctly distribute negative and positive energies in your home, you can create an oasis of peace and even prolong your life.  

Here are some tips: 

  • placing an image of water flowing in the direction of the beholder brings financial stability;
  • always place paired images in the bedroom;
  • pictures of flowers such as peonies and poppies are good for the bedroom;
  • place icons in a red corner opposite the entrance to the room.

To visualize how the selected decor will look on the walls of your home, we suggest using the design program 3d home designing software. With its help, even the intricate ideas become a reality. You do not need to be a professional designer to make your home cozy and stylish.

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