How to calculate the right area of the kitchen

How to calculate the right area of the kitchen

Before you buy materials for the kitchen renovation or choose a kitchen set, it is necessary to calculate the area of the room. Of course, you can find out its square meters, and the area of the room, based on the technical passport, but there are some nuances. As a rule, this document's calculation of square footage is initially wrong. As a result, there is a risk of facing an unexpected difference and several problems.

Here are the basic recommendations for measurements:

  1. It is better to measure the length at the wall's beginning and end to get the most accurate result. If the figures differ, you need to take the arithmetic average value. Again, it is necessary to do this with the same tape measure.
  2. The room should be measured at floor level, with maximum adjacency to the walls.
  3. When using a laser tape measure, you must ensure the beam is perpendicular to the wall to avoid a significant error.
  4. If you plan to have underfloor heating in the kitchen, you will need to subtract the area occupied by heavy furniture from the total floor area.

To measure a kitchen on a kitchen set with niches, protrusions, plumbing, and ventilation structures, you should measure everything separately. After that, the area of the recess in the wall is added to the area of the room, and the surface area of the overhang in the kitchen is subtracted from the area of the room.

How to simplify the task?

It is recommended to use a simple program or service to correctly calculate the kitchen area, remodel, and solve various problems. One of the practical solutions is a kitchen layouts planner. It is a unique service that will help users without design experience to perform the necessary tasks. Thanks to it, you can estimate the cost of repair and the visual component as a whole. You do not even have to involve a specialist, and given the high price of his services, it will be a rational solution.

The service's primary purpose is to visualize the interior design of apartments and houses. There are simple and intuitive tools for implementing ideas for planning, decorating, and arranging interior objects. The features of Roomtodo include:

  • a huge collection of furniture with the option of flexible parameter settings;
  • constructor for working with complex objects;
  • a solid range of finishing materials.

The service is available for everyone who wants to use it. It will be easy to understand and very comfortable to work with.

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