How to arrange a shower and bath in one room: design ideas

How to arrange a shower and bath in one room: design ideas

During the repair, a question often arises: to put a bath or shower. Sometimes you can combine both items in the same room. This would be perfect decision, because you’ll have the opportunity to take a quick shower or soak in the bath. 

How to think through the layout and design, so that the shower cabin and bathtub don’t look too bulky, and other items are placed in the room: household appliances, washbasin, lockers. You can use bathroom floor planner to understand what it will look like at the end of renovation. 

Who will appreciate the layout with bath and shower cabin?

  1. Families with children. Bathing babies in the shower won’t work, large bath for such purposes is more convenient. 
  2. Pet owners. A large dog can’t be washed in a small shower, so bath will be vital. 
  3. Newlyweds. When planning bathroom for two, it’s important to take into account interests of both parties. Romantics will definitely love a bathtub, and business people will value a chance to quickly take shower and go to work. 

We offer you some decisions to make your bathroom comfortable and stylish: 

  • the room should be spacious, so that you could place everything you need;
  • you can build shower into a niche or make a special corner. You can also use standard cubicle mounted against a wall; 
  • choose a concise and elegant bathtub that won’t attract much attention. Modern bowls are acrylic, artificial stone, cast iron, etc.;
  • a shower and a bath may be placed in different corners of the room or in one line by a wall; 
  •  modern installations not only look stylish, they save space; 
  • a sink shouldn’t be large. You can purchase a sink with cabinet or separately. If you plan to place washing machine, consider installing it under the sink;
  • cabinets, lockers should fit into interior design; 
  • try to minimize décor elements in a room with both shower and bathtub, they can visually reduce space; 
  • light shades of walls and floor, good lighting will help your room look luminous and modern.

If you decide to make both shower and bath in your bathroom – it’s a great solution for the whole family. The main thing is to choose compact furniture with streamlined shapes that fit perfectly into any modern interior design: hi-tech, Scandinavian, neoclassicism, minimalism, loft.

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