How to arrange mirrors in the interior

How to arrange mirrors in the interior

It's hard to imagine a room without a mirror. Using its properties, you can visually enlarge the room, add light. To do this, hang mirrors on the walls, use furniture and other interior details with mirror surfaces.

To make the design look laconic, you need to know how to properly position reflective surfaces. It is wise to think through all the details at the initial stage of the repair. It is best to use a room decorator planner. This will save time and money during the repair work.

Expanding the space

Using the optical properties, you can increase the space in the room:

  1. In a room with low ceilings, you should use vertical mirrors.
  2. If you want to expand and add space to the room, use horizontal mirrors.

Designers advice for such purposes to place the surfaces in front of the window. In this case, significantly increases the amount of light and adds space. Keep in mind that the slope of this object matters, as it distorts the reflection.

The use of a mirror surface on the closet doors is considered a good location. In this way, the mirror does not take up free space on the wall and makes the cabinet an exquisite detail of the interior.

By Feng Shui

The mirror has been around for centuries and is often endowed with magical powers. According to feng shui, you should not place the mirror opposite the bed and entrance doors. Coincidence or not, this is the conclusion modern designers come to.

Chinese philosophy also gives preference to the oval shape of this magical object. It is also believed that the more mirrors, the more luck is attracted. But you should not place them opposite the corners of the room.

Frame for a mirror

Bulky frames are suitable for spacious rooms in the classic style. Thin frames are more often preferred in modern design trends. In small rooms deprived of space, the use of mirrors without frames is justified.

A harmonious combination of elements in a single style concept is necessary. To mirror did not look incongruous and not knocked out of the overall style, it is worth paying attention to its selection. Shape, size and location are important determining accents.


A mirror is a truly magical object. It is able to increase the space, to add height to the room, to make the room more light. A slanting mirror distorts the reflection, and you should be careful with this technique. It is not recommended to hang a mirror opposite the entrance door and the bed in order to preserve the positive energy.

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