Hollywood style in the interior: how to create an atmosphere of luxury

Hollywood style in the interior: how to create an atmosphere of luxury

Hollywood style in the interior stands for fashion, glamor, luxury and shine. It’s known for charm, drama and sophisticated twists on old classics. It appeared in the 1930s, when cinema production was at its peak. The style was used to create dramatic backdrop for actors on stage, but soon became popular with designers and architects. Well-known architects Jonathan Adler and Kelly Wearstler helped it to gain great fame and widespread popularity. 

Characteristic features of Hollywood style are as following:

  • bright colors; 
  • ornament abundance; 
  • mirrors; 
  • lacquer furniture; 
  • animal prints.

The style demonstrates love for beauty, chic and comfortable luxury. 

How to create an atmosphere of luxury at your home?

Trying to make your home stand out from strict and minimalistic Scandinavian styles that are popular nowadays? Then turn to the Hollywood Regency interior. It’s formal, sophisticated and very expensive, with great attention to luxurious furniture and décor. Minimal furniture and abundance of antique or art nouveau objects are its characteristics.   

Hollywood Glam Chic is a celebration of life, love for luxury and comfort. With the help of an online planner 3d interior design you can recreate your fantasy and see how it will look in reality.   

  1. Use plain background: white walls, furniture, gray floor. Make colorful accents (pink, fuchsia, mandarin and regal purple) to give the decoration a special expressiveness. 
  2.  Animal prints, extravagant pictures, neoclassical motifs, wide stripes and geometric lines will fit perfectly into Hollywood style. Use wallpaper to decorate the walls. If you’re afraid to cover the whole room, try decorating small areas. 
  3. Shine is the main element of the style. Glossy lacquer brings designer furniture to life, while sparkling chandeliers bring elegance to the decoration.
  4. Rich and chic fabrics give special splendor to the room. Choose high-quality and beautiful textiles for design: velvet, suede, chenille. 
  5. Mirrors play important role in the Hollywood interior. Mix sparkling panels and mirrored surfaces, furniture and accents to create playful effect in your décor. It will increase the area of the room and bring a special aesthetic appeal to the decoration.
  6. Collect incredible interior items: lush carved frames and mirrors, voluptuous crystal lamps, pillow tassels and bright canvases. Avant-garde accents will create a sense of luxurious and carefree life. 

If you decided to create the interior of your home in Hollywood style, give free rein to your imagination and your home will attract delight and admiration of your friends and acquaintances.

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