Hi-tech entrance hall: high technology at your doorstep

Hi-tech entrance hall: high technology at your doorstep

The hallway is the first impression of the apartment. When designing future housing, it is worth paying attention to the room. Entrances in the style of high-tech fit perfectly into the concept of modern design. This solution will visually increase the space and emphasize the owner's taste. The success of the repair directly depends on the detailed layout. Thanks to the online room planner, it is easy and convenient to simulate the result.

The main characteristics of the style

The high-tech style is characterized by minimalism and has certain features that distinguish it from the variety of design trends:

  • strict and precise lines;
  • the use of metal elements;
  • glass or mirror surfaces;
  • a large amount of light;
  • sliding door systems, partitions.

This style abounds with light colors. The room should generally be sustained in no more than three colors. Basically, fans of high-tech use black, white, and gray in different configurations. Dark brown and beige shades can also be found.

Furniture for the hallway

If the room has a sufficient area, a closet with mirrored doors will fit perfectly into the overall picture. If there is a bit of free space, it is better to be limited to a metal rack for outerwear and a mirror. 

Upholstered furniture does not look entirely appropriate in this style, do not clutter the hallway with it. As a last resort, give preference to a pouf of artificial leather.

High-tech lighting

The main requirement of the style is the functionality of every detail. Do not hang massive chandeliers. There should be a lot of lighting from different sources. Spotlights on the ceiling or track lights do an excellent job without destroying the idea of style.

If one still wants a chandelier, one should choose precise shapes. For example, round or square, adjacent to the ceiling interior detail, should be combined with the rest of the decor elements.


Minimalism, functionality, and practicality – are the basis of high-tech trends. The main task is not to overload the room and to keep the main idea. Then the hallway will have a stylish and laconic appearance, and the apartment owners will certainly receive rapturous compliments from guests.

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