Fresh new look for some living room ideas

Fresh new look for some living room ideas

It is the living room that fully reflects the character and preferences of the owners. Therefore, it is so important to decorate it according to your own taste, with love and thoughts of a comfortable stay. Here, design style is combined with concern for convenience and functionality, and the space is often divided into zones of various purposes. Large families and noisy companies from time to time gather in the living room. To keep your receptions at the highest level, try decorating your room with a living room 3D planner.

1) Open layout

Studio apartments have not lost their relevance for many years. This is a suitable option for housing with a small area: it visually expands the space and gives it a touch of lightness. Also, such apartments provide a huge field for design creativity, because zoning will be definitely needed here.

2) Scandinavian roots

The blue and white color scheme continues to break popularity records. In this style, wallpapers, as well as curtains and lighting elements, of above mentioned shades are very often used. At the same time, large knitting is often depicted on the wallpaper. Also, knitting-inspired elements can be present on the chandelier: for example, some lighting fixtures can be made from a large number of knitting needles.

3) Loft for a large room

In brick buildings, this style looks most relevant. However, the loft is not always chosen by the owners of apartments in brick houses. To recreate the authentic spirit of this design trend, you can glue wallpaper with a brick image in the living room. Don't forget about the main star of the party - the huge sofa.

4) New classic

The neoclassical style is the best option for those who want their social status to be reflected in their interior design. Expensive finishing materials, upholstery made of high-quality non-standard fabrics, mosaics, as well as natural stone and wood are used here. Particular attention is paid to lighting elements: they must be original and unusual.

All these directions have already been known to us from the previous years. However, now they are offered with a new reading. Try experimenting with shades ranging from pastel to vibrant, dark gray to eggshell. Mixing styles is also a separate trend. Eclecticism involves the use of pieces of furniture of different styles, combined with each other in shade. However, it is important to keep the line here so that the room does not look like an IKEA catalogue.

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