Flowers in the interior – 5 interesting ideas

Flowers in the interior – 5 interesting ideas

Flowers always give the interior a certain zest, emphasizing its advantages. For the plants to fit into the room’s concept, it’s necessary to place them correctly. They must suit the overall interior, color gamut. Then the plants will give the room freshness and originality.    

Main trends in flower arrangement

When decorating the interior, it’s important to consider the size of the apartment, your own preferences. If the room is small, you shouldn’t fill it with flowers. To avoid such mistakes, you should use living room online planner. It’ll cause a feeling of heaviness. Today there are many interesting ideas for using plants in the interior. So, you should listen to the following advice: 

  1. Don’t place too many pots. It’s better to limit yourself to 1-2 large pots rather than 5-6 smaller ones. Large containers look more concise and are easier to fit into the interior. Pay attention to the pot’s design. It will create a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere.  
  2. Find an unusual place for the plant. The most popular is the window sill. However, you can show creativity by placing the plant on a bookshelf, desk, partitions. Naturally, it shouldn’t interfere with daily tasks (working or eating). The location of the plant in an unusual place will “refresh” the room and draw attention to it. 
  3. Choose a vertical garden. Flowerpots hanging on the wall are an unusual element of the interior. They attract attention right away. You’ll save useful space on the floor, and it won’t be problematic to eliminate dust from shelves, stands and tables because you won’t have to move the flowerpots. Vertical gardens help to fill the empty wall. In fact, a full-fledged living panel is being created. It looks fresh and unusual. 
  4. Plant a tree. Large plant looks aesthetically and minimalistic. The best choice for an apartment is a palm tree, a lemon. The Chinese rose also looks great. Plants are simple, strict, able to give the room a highlight, emphasize its uniqueness. One more advantage is the affordable price of trees and easy maintenance.   
  5. Use hangers to place plants on the window sill. Flowers will get the necessary amount of UV light. But you won’t experience difficulties with dust removal. You can place other things on the windowsill. 

Try not to clutter the room, place the plants concisely. Green plantings will give your home freshness and help make right accents.

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