Five ideas for living room decor

Five ideas for living room decor

When you are in the middle of renovation, every detail counts. Of course, there can be no “more important” or “less important” part, everything is equally valued. However, it is the living room where you spend most of your time, be it working or resting, reading a book or having a party with friends. While only you and your family can enjoy the whole result of the renovation, the guests will probably only see the living room. So, it is the face of your home. Let it be pretty!

Living room layout planner is a simple tool that everyone can use to try designing their own space. We always recommend to try it out before ordering the renovation, as it is the only way to make sure you are moving in the right direction. And to give you some inspiration – here are 5 style ideas for decorating a perfect living room:

1)     Modern

This particular style is a smart combination of practical and esthetical requirements. Its special feature is involving the elements of various styles but keeping it minimal and comfortable. The interior of a living room in modern style always looks traditional and cozy on the one hand, but stylish and up-to-date on the other.

2)     Minimal

The lesser – the better. This is the motto of minimal style. Here the designers draw most attention to the order and simplicity rather than variety of furniture or details. For this style, geometrical tricks work best. Big angular couch is going to be the main element in the room, because many shelves or chairs are not welcome here.

3)     High-tech

A great choice for a small room, where simplicity and modern technological solutions are appreciated. This style is all about silver and metallic shades, glass coverages and led lights. As for the colors, usually white, gray, black, cold-beige and metallic are used. However, sometimes you can notice some blue accents.

4)     Art-Deco

If the word simplicity describes you in no way, prepare to fall in love. Because art-deco is the style combining rich elegance and the shine of accessories. Big designer chandeliers, numerous pillows on the sofa, chimney and a lot of lights – this is the basic idea of the style. But the walls stay neutral – as they only highlight the bright interior elements.

5)     Loft

One of the most mysterious styles. It does not require a huge budget and is great for big spaces, that is why you can often see it in high-ceilinged halls and artist studios. A living room decorated in loft can look somehow “undone”, bare walls and uncovered ventilation create the impression of an industrial city.

All the ideas will suit a comfortable living room, so make your decision and enjoy the result!

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