Features of the living room in a small apartment

Features of the living room in a small apartment

Living room is the most used room in the apartment. It’s the center of any home, where family often gathers, so it’s extremely important to decorate it with taste. If your apartment is small, living room becomes a place where many useful things must be placed: furniture, sofa, TV set, coffee table and closet. Also, it may be necessary to combine several rooms different in their functionality. Various methods of zoning may be used to make accents, highlight most significant parts of the space. 

Zoning can be done with: 

  • lighting play; 
  • installation of partitions; 
  • wallpaper combinations; 
  • arrangement of furniture;
  • using niches.

Our 3d living room design planner helps you make preliminary drawing room designs and look at the result. 

When renovating the living room, consider following features:  

  1. Wallpaper selection. Light-colored wallpapers tend to visually expand the room. In order to revive interior, combine them with dark inserts.  Popular colors are white, steel, sand, beige. Bright shades are often used to emphasize the desired effect and visual expansion of the space. Vertical striped wallpapers tend to raise the ceiling level. Wallpapers with horizontal lines visually expand small apartment. 
  2. Modern furniture doesn’t imply the use mezzanines and bulky cabinets, massive armchairs and bedside tables. Designers recommend using transformable furniture (for example, armchair-bed). This solution will save space during the day for active pastime, and at night will serve for sleep and rest. 
  3. Partitions divide the space into several areas. As a rule, these are working and recreation zones. Partitions can be fundamental (brick wall) and decorative (glass).  They not only serve as zoning, but also create the interior. Matte glass is one of the most popular methods of zoning living rooms.  
  4. Lighting is very important for living room. It will help enlarge the space and add comfort and coziness to the atmosphere. 

Use mirrors to decorate your small apartment. All these tips will work great if used together. So, don’t be afraid and experiment! 

It’s quite difficult to create modern, unique and functional interior in a small apartment. Many factors should be taken into account: lighting, wallpaper colors, decorations and furniture. Using our tips, you’ll be able to create a comfortable and original repair in your living room, whatever small it is.

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