Features of an antique interior

Features of an antique interior

Ancient Greece and Rome still arouse interest, so the desire of many people to recreate such atmosphere in their homes is not surprising. The architecture (which is the central feature of the style) seems not just coherent, but organic. For this reason, the style is well-known, and more and more homeowners are making an effort to create an antique island at home.

How to create an antique style interior

It is easy to distinguish the antique style from other directions, because in this case you need to use only natural materials for finishing. The preparation of the project requires the absence of plastic and artificial fabrics. Vintage materials are a priority, because they correspond to the mood of the design.

Room decoration and the choice of decor causes certain difficulties. In order for the interior to be similar to the classic antique style, it is necessary to:

  • choose appropriate furniture, which is made of natural wood and resembles antique;
  • place paintings on the walls or artificially aged pictures of your family;
  • add moldings, wooden panels and take care to have carved details on pieces of furniture;
  • order doors made of solid wood instead of hollow structures made of artificial materials;
  • fittings and modern techniques do not fit in with the antique style, so you should abandon the use of these elements.

The creation of the interior cannot be called simple, so it is worth using the services of designers. Professionals will help you choose the appropriate furniture, determine a suitable color palette and find carpeting. You can also create an interior design on your own by using an interior planner.

How to use the planner

Find design home software and feel like a designer without risking your savings. The tool allows you to create room arrangement projects to your liking in a few minutes. Users are invited to recreate the layout of the house and then experiment with decorations.

Creating an interior project does not cause inconvenience, and having experience in design is not required at all. A wide range of equipment, furniture and finishing materials are available for seamless use of the assistant. Evaluate combinations of different elements in seconds, without spending a single penny.

The result of the design can be saved for discussion with the designer. There are no extra costs to make changes to the project, and the result is immediately visible. Explore the planner functionality and experiment with the design of the rooms of your home!

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