Interior design ideas for your child's room

Interior design ideas for your child's room

The children's room is a special place where they spend their time: sleeping, playing, learning. That's why you need cozy, functional room. Interior design, including windows, furniture, wall decoration should be customized with age and personality of child. Planning a child's room, use simple program 3D planner room to visualize your ideas.

In order for your child to love playroom, it must comply with following rules:

  1. Thematic design. Discuss with your child what room he wants. Certain themes will help choose interior elements. The baby will like spending time in his world. Choose photo wallpapers with his favorite cartoon characters together.
  2. The interior should be appropriate to child's gender and age. A 5-year-old girl will love puppet design, while teenager will be interested in modern interior. The same goes for boy's space. If children of different sexes live in one room, it should be zoned according to their wishes, preferences.
  3. Furniture shouldn't be luxurious and expensive. Remember that kids are creative. Not all furniture can withstand their games. Safety, simplicity, functionality are main requirements for the playroom interior.   
  4. What about the walls? Do you like bright colors? We're sure you do. The children also do. But there are colors undesirable for kid's room: violet, black, brown and bright red. Light shades of yellow, white, blue, pink and gray are ideal for kid's psyche.
  5. Functionality is very important. Furniture, shelves, toy boxes should be made of Eco materials. Large number of storage space is ideal for playroom. Bunk beds also save space and become center of child's active play.

Let's take a look at the basic design of child's playroom:

  • modern features bright wallpaper colors, wood furniture, stylish lamps as decorations;
  •  loft means that bed, shelves, table, wardrobe must be inexpensive but Eco friendly, ergonomic. Safe design and healthy ambient is main idea;
  • Scandinavian style provides white walls and wooden floor, neutral colors of decorations. The only bright accent, yellow for example, adds the perfect touch;
  • Provence style is very specific. Warm and cozy, it's ideal for girl's room. Nice floral print creates delicate atmosphere;
  • nautical design is a separate style in child's room planning. Blue and white wallpapers, marine decorations, cartoon characters create fantastic atmosphere for real adventurers and dreamers.

While planning kid's room, give preferences to child's desires. Happiness in the eyes of your baby should be main criterion of your decision.

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