Dark colors in interior design

Dark colors in interior design

The classic pastel shades in the interior have given way to dark colors. They set the character of different stylistic trends. Walls, furniture, or accent details are available in the software to design a home in 3d. It is essential to maximize the harmonious combination of dark and light. It will help special design techniques and understanding of the benefits of dark in the space of a particular room.

Dark walls in the interior: the main advantages

Before you paint the walls dark, think, and ask about the benefits of such a design decision:

  • the versatility of colors allows them to be combined with furniture and decor of bright colors, and accessories should be selected based on the chosen style;
  • practicality – dark color hides minor flaws, errors, dirt, and scuffs, allowing less frequent cosmetic repairs;
  • combination with modern appliances, shiny chrome coatings, and decorative items enable you to implement original ideas;
  • it is possible to create spectacular accents – on a dark background; the decor will look stylish, bright, and unusual;
  • the right shade of the wall, in combination with the floor and ceiling finish, helps to expand the room and add depth visually;
  • gray, blue, and brown colors give calm, relaxing notes to the interior; they are best used for the bedroom.

Dark tones can be used in any of the styles, as long as you place the accents correctly and remember about harmony. The palette there is just as rich as in the light colors.

What dark interior colors can be used

Such unusual colors will help to create a new interior space. You can use black, and some other colors and shades can also perform their role magnificently. For example:

  • deep chocolate;
  • velvet graphite;
  • radiant marsala;
  • the color of the Cairo night;
  • shimmering dark green.

You should not be afraid to experiment with saturated colors. It is enough to look at the design of the house from a different angle to find an original solution to get an unusual but quite comfortable interior.

Other interesting ideas

It is worth using the tips of experts and ideas presented on thematic sites to introduce dark colors to the interior. Here users can find many interesting solutions. For example, highlight the black or rich gray ceiling, make the living room in dark maroon tones, highlight one wall, placing bright decorative elements on it. It is possible to make a black-and-white bathroom with dark bathroom fixtures and accessories. Buy black furniture and arrange it against neutral walls.

If you are interested in dark interiors but are worried that the final result of the remodeling may not be like it, designers recommend introducing such decorative elements gradually. For example, you can start with a sofa table, a vase, and a small figurine. Then add something from the large furniture. Over time, you will understand whether you like this style and whether it should be extended to other house rooms.

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