Common mistakes in bathroom design

Common mistakes in bathroom design

Creative tasks always have a risk of dramatic failure. When having a room for decorating we can’t help but make some common mistakes sometimes. It is caused either by the lack of experience or by the wrong idea of what can look good in a space of a certain form and size. In bathroom planner online it is much easier to see how the future décor will suit the bathroom and avoid common problems. When you know the mistakes, you can detect and fix them. So, here is our list of things you should not do when decorating your bathroom.

  1. Trying to fit everything into a small space.

Not any bathroom is big enough to play however you want. Some of them are rather compact, and one needs to be careful to decorate it. Functionality is a good thing, only until it takes all the space in the room. So, do not buy huge furniture or technique, better stay in the safe zone with sophisticated and elegant minimal style.

  1. Ignoring corner plumbing options.

One of the best helpers in saving space are corner plumbing and furniture. Using this type of washbasin, you can not only create the illusion of bigger room, but also make it more functional. As sometimes we have to deal with wrong form bathrooms, and a corner washbasin or a bath could be a real lifesaver.

  1. Refusing to zone the room.

Creating several zones in the bathroom is a good way to bring some logic and style into it. Dividing the premises into a couple of parts allows to place more design elements and harmonize combined bathrooms. For doing that, it will be enough if you use a glass door or a curtain.

  1. Using one lighting source.

Modern design hates single lighting. So, try planning some additional lamps as well. They may be needed, for example, near the mirror or next to shower zone. Also, having several independent light sources can help you control the intensity of it in the whole room.

  1. Covering all the walls in tile.

Nowadays there are so many options of wall coverage for the rooms with high humidity. There is waterproof paint, as well as plaster, and even special wallpapers. If you are too scared to use any of it or are just used to tile, try to mix and match the colors and materials, an interesting combination may come out of it.

Sometimes knowing which colors you want your bathroom to be designed in is not enough. And the sooner you start diving deeper into decoration techniques, the happier you will be about the result.

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