Color combinations with wood in the interior

Color combinations with wood in the interior

Wood in the interior is a real find. It is in harmony with any color, and can also be combined with glass and metal. Natural wood furniture (solid wood, plywood or veneer) has always been a sign of good taste. But how will these interior elements look together with the color palette of the room? Natural wood is not cheap, which means that questions of compatibility should be considered separately.

A common mistake is to choose a completely neutral interior, excluding any bright colors. It will not affect the quality wooden furniture; it will look great in any case. But the interior as a whole will not win from this.

The color of the walls or carpet, upholstery, or serving details can play a part in creating a harmonious composition. It is necessary to specifically select suitable shades for the background or experiment with the arrangement of small pieces of furniture in accordance with the existing palette.

Wooden secrets

Here are the main tips:

  1. It is recommended to take no more than two shades of wood in one room. Even experienced designers try to adhere to this rule. An abundance of different shades of wood creates chaos in the interior and makes it sloppy.
  2. It is better to use a classic combination - floor plinths and doorways of the same color. When reflecting the color of the plank in the color of the doors, you get a perfect base for other interior elements. All other wooden details blend organically into the overall concept. It's worth avoiding the floor and doors in the same color. In this case, they are blurred and look uninteresting.
  3. It is worth making an accent on the furniture. If the house has a wooden floor covering and furniture, then the floor serves as a background. All the attention is on the furniture. It should be a darker shade.
  4. Combine by warmth and light. Only warm or only cool shades of wood work well together. If all the wood in the room is warm shades, it will definitely look harmonious.
  5. Combine by style of finish. The wood of different tones and different species will look harmonious if all elements are treated in the same way. For example, polished or deliberately finished roughly.
  6. Choose with a uniform pattern. First of all, wood is famous for its pattern. And if you have already purchased wooden interior elements with a clear ring pattern, the other parts of this material should also be selected with a noticeable texture. The principle is almost the same as with textiles - different colors, but one print.

You can use the 3d interior design free software. This will allow you to create an interior design in three-dimensional graphics. Special skills are not required here.

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