A chebby-chic bathroom

A chebby-chic bathroom

Do you want to create a unique exquisite interior in your bathroom? You can choose a chebby-chic style then. It originated in the 1980s and quickly gained popularity among vintage décor lovers. Chebby-chic is something between provence, Victorian classics and boho. This type of design is the best option for country houses, it requires a lot of space and attention to detail. However, you can equip a chebby-chic bathroom in the conditions of a small city apartment too.

Main style features

This interior style is easy to distinguish. Its features are: 

  1. Pastel shades are prevalent. Ivory, silver gray, and dusty rose are popular. 
  2. Close attention to textiles, their design: ruffles, lace, embroidery. 
  3. Use of floral appliqué. For example, roses on a light background. 
  4. Vintage decor. Bathroom planner software involves the purchase of special components. 

For the authenticity of the style, the furniture is specially “aged”, using methods of brushing, crackling, glazing. Therefore, chebby-chic is divided into two types. In the first case, designers use original antiques that have been restored or found in specialized stores. In the second, plumbing and other accessories are “processed”, so they acquire and retain their chic.  

Use of furniture in chebby-chic bathroom 

Chebby-chic is a style that involves attention to furniture. Designers try to create an original atmosphere in the room. It’s advisable to buy an old cabinet, restore it and turn it into a washbasin. Similar procedures can be performed with a cabinet for bathroom accessories. Antique wicker baskets, vases, poufs or even a rocking chair (provided that the space allows) will be a great addition. 

As for the bath, modern models, such as acrylic, don’t suit chebby-chic. Also don’t use objects with backlights. 

Another important detail, you have to pay attention to, are accessories. For example, figurines, pendants. If you want to add originality to your bathroom, put a bird cage in the room. Candles help create a special atmosphere. Taking water treatments in such an environment is very romantic.

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