Black and white kitchen: design features

Black and white kitchen: design features

Monochrome interiors have been in trend for several years. They are nice and original. The design is typical for classic and modern styles, which suits rational, restrained people. Black and white combination is especially good in the kitchen interior. 

Advantages of black and white kitchen: 

  • versatility: decorating kitchen in such colors, you won’t make errors; 
  • white surfaces always are elegant and make room more light and spacious;
  • black and white kitchen is a field for experiments. 

The disadvantages are as those: 

  • it needs to be cleaned up often, because all dust and spots are visible on black and white surfaces;
  • black color reduces the room;
  • bad mood, stress may be caused by the excess of dark tones. 

Today we’ll reveal some secrets and interesting ideas for decorating large and little kitchens with black and white. There are few design options, such as: 

  1. White kitchen-black countertop. 

Having black details against white background, the interior becomes more strict and geometric. It creates the sense of dynamic space. Black chairs, countertops, posters on the walls, lamps can enhance the effect. 

  1. White kitchen – black splashback. 

This variant is suitable for stylish design of modern kitchens. It underlines severity and harmony of kitchen. Black splashback decorates interior and makes simple shelves more interesting. 

  1. Black bottom-white top.

Classic combination, however, it can look too strict. The upper part seems light, airy, the bottom becomes weightier. The space’s visually enlarged.

  1. White walls and furniture - black floor.

Psychologists say, such design is very comfortable for an individual, as it gives feeling of reliability. You don’t need additional accents – the floor fulfills the mission.

  1. Black accents.

Dark table and chairs look great in the light kitchen. Effect can be enhances by other black items.

  1. The third color

can add special emotion to strict style. Red gives light aggression and dynamism and suits self-confident people. Green color gives optimism, freshness. It makes kitchen more vivid. Yellow stimulates digestion, activity, good mood.

Styles ideal for black and white colors are minimalism, classicism, hi-tech, retro, loft. They are strong and self-sufficient and don’t require special stylistic knowledge. To foresee results of your efforts, design your room with kitchen online planner. It’s simple to install and use in order to plan the layout, color of walls, floor and furniture.

Using our tips, you can design your kitchen in the best way.

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