The best design ideas for zoning a room

The best design ideas for zoning a room

An open plan space in apartment means that we cook, eat and relax in the same physical space. Modern apartments tend to turn into more fluid and voluminous space. But how can we make all these “rooms within a room” work practically and visually? Read on how rugs, partitions, color and lighting are key. 

What is important to consider when zoning?

With free online room planners you can design your apartment to see how zoning will look in your home. Use these rules: 

  • consider the shape of the room, number of windows and door openings;
  • set the partitions so that they don’t interfere with movement in space;
  • divide a small space with multifunctional folding furniture;
  • highlight individual areas with color or textile accents. 

You can also use mirror or glass partitions to enlarge the room visually and add volume to it.   

Zoning methods

  1. Decorate to differentiate. You can design each zone differently, using contrast wallpapers, floor coverage materials, color accents. For example, industrial-style brick zone in the center of white-colored walls and furniture. 
  2. Use curtains for fluid divider. The beauty of curtain is its flow and flexibility, which add airiness and lightness to every space. You can create a gentle sense of separation by using lightweight tulle between some areas in the apartment.   
  3. Use partitions. It’s the simplest way of dividing space and a great way to decorate the room. Partitions may be solid, carved, high or low. For the manufacture of partitions wood, glass, plastic and fabric can be used. You can also use wooden beams, bamboo bars or ropes that look organically in country design, loft and provence. 
  4. Zone with furniture. In small apartments furniture can be a great space divider. Large rack, high bookcase, an originally-shaped sofa and other items are perfect for this purpose.
  5. Use decorative elements to zone your room. Winding plants on a special frame or hanging planters can be used to separate working zone from recreation area. Tall cabinets with flowers are functional and beautiful at a time and look great in any interior.   
  6. Podium can serve as a great way to zone your flat. You can use podium to separate the kitchen, bedroom or nursery from another area. In addition, podium is very practical. It can be equipped with drawers or even a folding bed. 
  7. Decorative mobile screens are convenient and nice. They don’t take much place and can be easily moved or removed from the room. 

You can use other ways to divide your room into several zones. They are: arches, sliding doors, rugs, lamps, decorative elements, etc. Let your imagination run wild, modern trends welcome extraordinary solutions.

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