Bathroom without tiles: options for finishing the walls and floor

Bathroom without tiles: options for finishing the walls and floor

Bathroom floor must meet several criteria: be safe, not absorb moisture, be easy to clean and fit the overall style of the apartment. Best of all, tiles cope with the tasks, and are often used in bathrooms. Are there other options? If you want more interesting solutions, we can tell you how to replace a trivial ceramic tile. You can choose a possible design in  bathroom planner online thanks to which it’s easy to create your own project for bathroom renovation. 

Best wall materials

The second most popular way to decorate walls in bathroom is painting. The choice of color palette is huge and you can get any desired shade. The main thing is to choose high-quality moisture-resistant paint. But there are other types of materials with their advantages: 

  1. Stone. Natural is preferable but it’s expensive. People often choose artificial stone, which looks like natural. It’s stylish and safe for allergy sufferers. 
  2. PVC panels. A budget option for those who looks for durable sound and heat insulating material. But you should know that fungus and mold can develop under the panels.
  3. Moisture resistant decorative plaster. A very advantageous option due to micro climate regulation and freedom of creativity. But the price is very high. 
  4.  Washable wallpapers. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to make bathroom renovation. 
  5. Wood. Eco-friendly but capricious material. It’s better to invite specialists to choose and install wooden panels. 

You can combine several types of finishes in the bathroom design and get a unique solution. 

Choosing a floor covering

The easiest way is to lay linoleum on the floor. It’s cheap but impractical. Fungus starts in its fibers due to constant contact with moisture, the pattern can be erased and the material deformed. Much better to choose something from the list below: 

  1. Bulk floor. Beautiful, moisture resistant, durable. It withstands treatment with disinfectants and conducts heat well. But the price is too high. 
  2. Vinyl. The material is very durable, non-slip, water-resistant. Installing is easy and relatively inexpensive. 
  3. Stone. Suitable for under floor heating, is stylish and durable. 

Experiment and realize your wildest dreams – you deserve living in apartment you want! Our site will help create a visualization of your ideas.

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