Art Nouveau Living Room

Art Nouveau Living Room

Art Nouveau style (wave style) is characterized by an incredible softness of lines that have a soothing effect on people. It emerged in Europe in the late XIX century, when society was tired of the deliberate luxury and grandeur of the rich apartment. Young artists, architects sought to change all usual canons, creating a new style, unlike any other direction.

Art Nouveau is striking in its elegance, nobility and lightness, and smooth lines return people to the bosom of nature, with its graceful silhouettes.

The following features can be highlighted in the modern living room interior: 

  • curved lines, no regular geometry;
  • ornaments with floral motifs (tree branches, flowers, vines, lilies, butterfly and dragonfly wings, peacock feathers
  • asymmetry; 
  • stained glass windows, mosaics;
  • arched openings instead of conventional doors. 

Wave style doesn’t tolerate abundance of detail. The style is dominated by brevity, completeness, lightness and space volume. Living room arrangement resonates with the natural landscape, in which everything is harmonious and perfect. 

Color palette and textures

The base is white and different shades of brown: ochre, copper, beige, coffee with milk, terracotta, vanilla, sepia, brick, walnut. Natural colors shouldn’t cause stress and aversion. Olive, mustard, turquoise and purple colors play the role of accents.

To finish the living room use a variety of material textures. It’s customary to lay a parquet or laminate on the floor. The walls are covered with decorative plaster or wallpaper with smooth patterns. The ceiling is plastered in classic white. Fireplaces, niches and accent elements are finished with natural stone.

Furniture in Art Nouveau style

Usually light-colored solid furniture is used. But in conjunction with the décor and ornate lines of arches, cornices and cabinet fronts, it looks light and fresh. The streamlined details give the room volume and spaciousness.

The chandelier should be massive, with tiered rows of bulbs. Crystal elements and fine wrought iron details adorn the lamps. Candelabras, sconces and candlesticks are also welcome. The main secret of art nouveau is frosted glass on the lamps, which diffuses the light and gives the living room a mystique. However, you won’t notice the lack of light. Large panoramic windows will let the light in.

Use the living room floor planner to create an atmospheric interior for your living room.

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