5 tips to get the best bathroom design ideas

Bathroom renovation is always special event. You need to install much necessary equipment in it: washing machine, bathtub, laundry basket, sink. Bath is often small, not sufficient for implementation of all plans. You must come up with placing everything there. Options for bathroom design on the Internet make you rack your brain. We hope our 5 tips help you decide on design:

  1. Determine exact dimensions. Household devices have certain dimensional standards. Consider them when draw bath layout. Pay attention to location of pipes and radiators. Using bathroom floor planner, you can calculate exactly where furniture will stand.
  2. Plan location of electric wiring, pipes for toilet bowl, sink and shower. Water supply for washing machine should be discussed in advance. Drainage slopes are among the first made in bathrooms. Having planned layout, you can decide on shelves and mirrors location. 
  3. Don't install bathtub if you use it infrequently. Think how often do your family members take bath. It's more convenient to make shower cabin than voluminous bathtub which takes extra space. 
  4. Bathroom design. Start planning design based on personal preferences. Choose style matching other rooms in apartment. Modern, loft, neoclassicism, minimalism and Scandinavian styles are popular. Lots of information are in Internet. It'll be easy to choose favorite one. As for materials, they should be durable, practical. The best option for bathroom surfaces is tiles. Not very glossy as they are slippery. For the small room don't choose dark colors. They visually reduce space. Light shades, bright accents will be great for bathroom.
  5. Good lighting. Bathroom is dark, because there aren't big windows. It's important to make good artificial lighting. Illumination of mirrors, furniture, warm light bulbs will add style and comfort. Relaxing atmosphere will be guaranteed. 

We hope these tips were useful for you. Experiment with 3d planning software to develop a layout to the smallest detail. Whatever the style, color, decor, it should pursue three main goals: functionality, durability, simplicity. Built-in toilet bowl, shelves, hidden shower pipes will make your life cozier. We use bathroom every day. It has to be functional and comfortable.

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