5 common mistakes to avoid in interior lighting

5 common mistakes to avoid in interior lighting

It's no secret that lighting plays one of the most important roles in creating a pleasant atmosphere and comfort in a room. In order to avoid serious mistakes during renovation work, read our article, where we have highlighted 5 common mistakes in interior lighting.

Only general light

For any room, a single ceiling light in the center of the room is not enough. In any room, it is worth considering the three main components of good lighting: general, directional local light and decorative light. If you focus on work or decide to read a book at night, you need to have a lamp with a cool tint so as not to spoil your eyesight. For relaxation, it is preferable to take a warm lamp to create a relaxing atmosphere. Only in combination with different types of lighting will the room be comfortable to use.

Uncomfortable light temperature

Light bulbs can emit a neutral, cool or warm color. It is the warm light that creates a feeling of coziness and hospitality, promotes relaxation, therefore it is these bulbs that should be preferred for most rooms. In the work area, in which a person needs to focus, it is necessary to use light of a neutral and cold spectrum. But too much use can disrupt sleep cycles, so be sure to supplement the room with a warm light source.

Incorrect luminaire scale

Each room not only has its own parameters, therefore, depending on the arrangement of furniture, the size and scale of furniture, the size of the lamps depends, which will organically look in a particular area of the room. Design the arrangement of the fixtures taking into account the furniture arrangement plan and calculate the approximate dimensions, and 3D interior design online will help you see how it will look after construction.

Role of the shadow

The illuminated interior is the result of the interaction of lighting fixtures and interior furnishings. Shadows cast by furniture, decorations, or other items can make an interior look ugly and uncomfortable. Therefore, be sure to consider the possibility of shadow formation when choosing the location of the fixtures.


For each person, the required level of illumination varies throughout the day, depending on mood, degree of fatigue and the needs of the body. Therefore, equipping lamps with special dimmers will help you find the most comfortable level of illumination.

Do not forget that lighting affects our mood, so be sure to consult with experts before purchasing lamps. Roomtodo offers customers to create 3D interior design online to be sure of the correct decisions.

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