Small but helpful update - automatic rulers | Roomtodo

Small but helpful update - automatic rulers | Roomtodo

We have made a small but helpful update - automatic rulers

Our apartment is a direct reflection of all our tastes and preferences. But what if it is not currently the case? What if now the apartment is not customized in a way you want it to be? Cut the panic – Roomtodo is ready to help you. Just open the website – and you are ready to start your first but significant creative project.

You know that Roomtodo is the best software for 3D home design rapped into a convenient and user-friendly interface. The service gives you numerous options:

  • creating 2D projects
  • preparing 3D designs
  • placing furniture
  • adding decorative elements and so much more.

And we have just made an update that will definitely impress you – now you can use automatic ruler to measure the distance between the elements in your project! It is simple, it is quick and it is surely more convenient than using a real physical instrument.

How to use the ruler?

First – let us figure out if you want to create a project from scratch or download your own floorplan and start working with it. Go with any of the options, they are both available in Roomtodo. When the walls are done, you can start using ruler. In order to find it on the screen, look to the left middle part of your screen and find this element:

Press on it and place the point A wherever you want to start measuring. Then the only thing left to do is placing point B – and the app will instantly show you the distance. Impressive, right? Imagine, how many cool things can be done with this instrument. And how much money you will save by checking if a certain piece of furniture fits the sizes of the room!
Once you are done using the ruler, just pick another tool from the toolbar and continue working with the program. Do not hesitate and try it out right now. We hope that this tiny improvement will broaden the possibilities for our users in their creativity.

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