More features with the Pro version

More features with the Pro version
There is a big update of ROOMTODO:
  • Color editor. From now you can paint walls in any color you want
  • Better editing possibilities of the materials on the walls and floor
  • Improved usability for moving furniture around

And also we are happy to present even more powerful features combined in a Pro version of ROOMTODO:
  • Possibility to upload and use in design your materials for walls and floor
  • Possibility to upload your posters
  • Baseboard editor – It allows you to choose the shape and size of baseboards and crown molding, which can completely transform the room and are indispensable for classic-style interiors.
  • Wall editor - It allows you to create complex combinations on the walls and combine different finishing coats. For example, you can create splashback at the kitchen or a combination of different tiles in the bathroom.

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